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Running MOT

New to running? Starting a training block? Are you prone to injury which is holding you back?

GoMotion Running MOT is the service for you.

Couple Running
Couple Running

Functional Movement

  • Prevent Injury

  • Optimise Recovery
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Run Faster

We use a Modified Functional Movement Screen that is specific to runners to identify injury risk and dysfunctional/performance limiting movement patterns. Any weakness or deficiency identified may impact your performance on race day or during training. Being specific in your training  can significantly improve your running performance

Stretching Fitness

What to expect

We have a discussion about any recurrent issues, your goals and expectations. 

We ask you to perform a series of movements while we analyse how you move

You will receive a written report summarising areas to work on and a suggested rehab programme

We can help integrate this into your current training programme

Movement screening can be repeated to measure progress.

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing - gym or light running wear is ideal.

We encourage you to bring up to 2 shoes you run in 

Stretching Fitness
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